UbiqUM 2008

January 13th 2008, Gran Canaria, Spain

in conjunction with the 2008 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2008)

Accepted Papers

    • 1. Francesca Carmagnola. The Five Ws in User Model Interoperability.
    • 2. Melanie Hartmann, Daniel Schreiber, and Max Muhlhauser. Tailoring the Interface to Individual Users.
    • 3. Kees van der Sluijs and Geert-Jan Houben. Relating User Tags to Ontological Information.
    • 4. Leandro Vaguetti and Paulo R. L. Gondim. A Web- Service-Based Architecture Solution to Ubiquitous Personalized Digital Television Content
    • 5. Tsvi Kuflik. Semantically-Enhanced User Models Mediation: Research Agenda.
    • 6. Dominikus Heckmann and Christian Blass. Context Integration for Ubiquitous User Modeling: Solving Semantic Conflicts with WordNet and GUMO.
    • 7. Mark Dredze and Hanna M. Wallach. User Models for Email Activity Management.
    • 8. Osamuyimen T. Stewart and David M. Lubensky. Bootstrapping User Modeling in Natural Language Dialog Systems.
    • 9. Fernando J Sanchez and Martil Llamas Nistal. User Modeling in Education the SVAEC Experience.

Preliminary Program Schedule

The workshop will be a half day workshop

Call for Papers

Please distribute the Call for Papers Call for Papers (PDF) as PDF document if possible,
otherwise as pure text document (TXT) .

At least one of the authors of an accepted paper is expected to register to the workshop (separately than IUI conference), attend the workshop and present the paper/poster/demo.

Workshop on Ubiquitous User Modeling